A Child's Journey Through Grief

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Welcome to Belshay House!!

Belshay House is a new publishing company excited about publishing books that inspire. Our debut book is But i don't want to say GOODBYE! which is the first installment of A Child's Journey Through Grief series. We look forward to growing and sharing with you!


"I felt a real connection with this book. My own dad died this year on November 9. That is one week before my 32nd birthday, and unfortunately the day of my nephew's 9th birthday. Six days after my youngest nephew's 4th birthday. I think this book will be super useful in helping children understand loss and how to cope. It is even useful for adults. I can see this book taking off fast. Five stars!!!!"

G. Schneider

"..perfect in its simplicity and empathy. It normalizes death and grief for even the youngest readers. It covers a spectrum of emotions and lets kids know they are not alone in how they are feeling, while also assuring them that they can go on living, even when they are sad. This is a truly special and important book—a real must-have–for young children."


Reading With Your Kids

"...But i don’t want to say GOODBYE is a well-written, beautifully illustrated story that honestly deals with the sadness of the death of a loved one. My eyes teared up a few times as I read through the book. The artwork shows the happy and sad feelings of the characters as they remember Daddy. Tanya Colton-Cauley did a great job with the illustrations."

J. Widner

Reedsy Discovery